PING Introduces G30 Series

Posted by Golf Local On July - 8 - 2014

PING Introduces the new G30 Series and it looks great! Watch these videos and go grab one.

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PING names Top 100 National Fitters of the Year

Posted by Golf Local On June - 5 - 2014

PHOENIX (March 4, 2014) – Club-fitting pioneer and leader PING announced a new program today that distinguishes its Top 100 National Fitters of the Year.

The awards salute those Authorized PING Fitters who have demonstrated the highest commitment to custom fitting and the promotion of its benefits to golfers of all abilities.

“Because of their expertise, these fitters are helping golfers across the country realize the benefits of playing custom-fit and custom-built PING equipment,” said John A. Solheim, PING Chairman & CEO. “On top of that, they offer exceptional customer service that builds trust and loyalty in their golf operation and the PING brand. We’ll continue to support them with ongoing training and education, plus innovative new fitting tools, software and research. These fitters can serve an important role, bringing more people to the sport by demonstrating how properly fit equipment helps them play better and enjoy the game more.”

Solheim said PING offers its certified fitting accounts a growing array of tools and software to dial in a more precise fit while making the process easy, cost-effective and convenient. They include the Advanced Fitting System Interchangeable Fitting Cart; the iPING® putter app; a new putter-fitting package, and both nFlight and nFlight Mobile fitting software. The newest tool, available April 1, is nFlight Motion, a device that clips onto a driver shaft and recommends a driver model, loft, and shaft after only three swings.

Winners were chosen based on points earned across several criteria and disciplines, including custom orders, commitment to ongoing training, sustained sales growth, use of PING tools and technologies, and support of the entire PING product line.

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Adidas Golf Introduces Next Generation of adizero Golf Footwear

Posted by Golf Local On February - 10 - 2014

golfshoe_adCarlsbad, Calif. (January 6, 2014) – adidas Golf, an industry leader in innovation, technology and performance footwear, has announced the release of the next generation of adizero golf footwear, highlighted by the radically new adizero one.

To sustain the astounding success realized by adizero Tour in 2013, adidas Golf designers were challenged with taking the next step in the evolution of the franchise; to develop a lighter shoe that pushed innovation to the next level while delivering maximum performance and tour-level traction. The result is adizero one, a visually appealing design that tips the scales at less than 10 ounces, 10% lighter than the adizero Tour. With adizero one, adidas Golf has taken adizero footwear to a new level of light, delivering more stability than ever before in the lightest cleated performance golf shoe the company has ever created.

“When I first saw the adizero one, I couldn’t wait to get them on my feet,” said Jason Day, adidas Golf tour staff professional since 2006. “With the low profile design, I can really feel the ground beneath my feet and the power generated from my swing is definitely noticeable. I’m excited to wear these on tour.”

While traditional golf shoe construction requires the stitching of multiple layers, adidas golf designers pushed the limits of engineering to create a new, ultra-light one-piece fused upper that bonds together five layers to deliver a consistent glove-like fit on the foot.

To further reduce weight while increasing stability, a lighter and thinner seven-cleat performance outsole (formerly 10 in the adizero Tour) was developed which measures 20% wider than adizero Tour. For superior on-course performance, designers combined valuable tour player feedback with biomechanical analysis to strategically locate the seven cleats, highlighted by a revolutionary and proprietary center cleat utilizing CenTraXion™ technology to provide ultimate grip while maintaining superlative stability throughout the swing.

“We’re constantly looking to test the boundaries of engineering to design and develop equipment that helps golfers perform at their peak,” said Masun Denison, Director, Global Product Marketing, Footwear at adidas Golf. “adizero one is a perfect example of our relentless pursuit of innovation to consistently create the best-performing footwear in golf.”

Available January 23, adizero one will be available in four colorways at launch and three additional colorways on May 1 at an MSRP of $180 USD.

For women, adidas Golf has designed the adizero Tour II, utilizing many of the same design and fabrication elements as the adizero one in a streamlined, six-spike configuration with thintech low-profile technology to improve traction and stability. Available January 23, the women’s adizero Tour II is available in three colorways at an MSRP of $120 USD.

Also available for both men and women on January 23 is adizero sport II, made with ultra-lightweight performance mesh upper now featuring proprietary climaproof protection and a two-year waterproof warranty. The shoe also features a new SPRINTFRAME™ outsole with spikeless puremotion technology for enhanced flexibility and comfort with swing plane traction for increased grip and stability. adizero sport II is available in five colorways for men at an MSRP of $130 USD and six colorways for women at an MSRP of $110 USD.

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PHOENIX (Nov. 22, 2013) – PING® today introduced its Rapture® driving iron, which the club maker says offers innovation and performance that are unmatched in the category. Significant tungsten weighting in the heel and toe creates a high MOI for a head its size, making the Rapture easier to hit than a long iron. At the same time, its wider sole gives the Rapture the playability of a hybrid but with much less spin. As a result, the 18-degree head delivers a low, penetrating ball flight that maximizes distance and control.

“The Rapture driving iron has been well-received by tour pros because it provides longer shots and a controlled trajectory,” said John A. Solheim, PING Chairman & CEO. “You have the best of both worlds. It’s more forgiving and generates much faster ball speed than the 2-iron equivalent, yet it launches lower and spins far less than a comparable hybrid. The low, penetrating trajectory offers control and command, which is essential for keeping the ball under the wind, for example, or when you’re playing a hard, fast course and you want to maximize roll out.”

A key attribute of the Rapture driving iron is its flat, 455 stainless steel face, which contributes to greater ball velocity and promotes workability because it has no bulge and roll. The generous sole in the 17-4 stainless steel head locates the CG low for optimizing launch conditions and turf interaction. “This club is a great option off the tee but it’s also effective in making solid contact from the ground,” Solheim said. “It’s a versatile design that reflects PING’s commitment to custom-engineering solutions for golfers, in this case a club that plays a more specialized role in their shot making.”

The shaft in the Rapture is a half-inch longer than a standard 2-iron shaft. Solheim said PING’s proprietary TFC 949 graphite shaft promotes greater momentum and inertia for improved energy transfer, resulting in faster ball speeds and more distance.

Technical specifications:

– 17-4 stainless steel body, 455 stainless steel face
– Tungsten heel and toe weights
– 39.75-inch length, 18º head
– Foggy-chrome finish
– Stock graphite shaft: TFC 949 with chrome PVD finish (R, S, X flexes)
– U.S. MSRP: $220.00

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Belly Putters Are The Rage

Posted by Golf Local On July - 8 - 2012

Belly putters are all the rage these days. A few years ago, you could count on one hand the number of Tour pros using a belly putter; now, you’d need more than a couple hands to count them all. Even in pro shops around the country, belly putters are becoming common as amateurs try their hand (and gut) at a new kind of putter. But the question remains, is a belly putter that much better than a standard length putter? Is there a difference at all?

The main concept behind a belly putter is that you’re anchoring the putter to your body. The theory is that doing so actually eliminates some of the elements in putting that can go wrong. Ultimately, the result should be a more consistent putting stroke. Some Tour pros swear by belly putters while others equate it with cheating, but for the amateur golfer, does it really work?

I had the opportunity to take a Boccieri Heavy Q2-MT belly putter out for a round of golf recently. I’ll start by saying that Heavy Putter (as they’re more commonly referred to) is more than just a brand name, it’s a pretty accurate description too. The Q2-M weighs in at about 750 grams (just over a pound and a half) compared to my Newport 2 which clocks in at a measly 340 grams (about three-quarters of a pound). The difference is huge, immediately noticeable, and will definitely take some getting used to.

The Q2-M has a milled stainless steel face, but it’s nowhere as loud or firm as other milled putters you’ll find on the market (Scotty Cameron, Ping Anser, Nike Method, Odyssey Black Series). As a result, there’s a fantastic balance struck between the solid feel of a milled face and the softness of an insert face.

After about fifteen minutes on the practice green with it, I had (mostly) acclimated to the weight, length, and feel and was headed out on the golf course to see if I saw any noticeable changes in my putting. I think there’s something to be said for a belly putter helping to stabilize all the moving parts of a putting stroke, especially for those ten to fifteen footers. I found that once I got outside of that range though, it became more difficult to keep my head steady during my putting stroke. As a result, I noticed that while shorter putts felt more solid, distance control and accuracy on longer putts wasn’t anything near what I was used to.

All in all, I think there are some positives that come from a belly putter, so if it’s something you think might help your putting, get out to your local pro shop or golf store and give a few belly putters a try. Who knows, it may be the difference between paying out to your golfing buddies at the end of the day or having them pay out to you!

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Importance of Properly Fitted Golf Clubs

Posted by Golf Local On June - 3 - 2012

I recently read a blog about being “thrifty” when purchasing golf equipment. Phrases like “get last years’ product” and “save a buck because it doesn’t matter what you get” and “why pay full price when you can get equipment second-hand” really motivated me to think about why people take this advice over a PGA Professionals research-based recommendations.

On the surface, it appears like sound advice – but is it really? I cannot tell you how many times students come for lessons with ill-fitted equipment and went to either a box retailer or an internet source to purchase golf equipment to get the “best deal.”  They looked at cost – not need – and are paying the price for that decision.

Golf equipment is an investment. My hope, is that I can help everyone understand that the advantages of an equipment evaluation and fitting by a professional who is qualified far outweighs disadvantages. Investment decisions should not be based solely on thrift.

I had a student who had a very fast swing speed and was very strong as well — he pull hooked his misses and hooked his solid shots. His golf swing has some flaws but the most blatant issue was his equipment. My student needed heavier shafts with less torque, and his lie angle should have been flat, not upright; his ball flight was too high and the kickpoint of the shaft in his irons was too low.

We had decisions to make regarding how we could make this situation right, this is where the aforementioned investment comes in. There were options for us – for example, take the shafts out and reinstall the proper shaft, make them standard length, and change the lie angle to flat or order new equipment based on a proper equipment evaluation/fitting and start again with the correct equipment.

I laid the cost out for him and asked him to take a few days, call me with questions and we could sit down and look at the options again. Ultimately, we got him fitted correctly and ordered the equipment. When it came in, we went back to range: He hit balls and I evaluated the ball; flight, turf contact and lie angles to make sure they were proper. I did have to bend a couple of the clubs slightly but this, again, is part of the investment. He is happy now and making shots with consistency. He also has a high level of trust in me, and I don’t take that relationship for granted. I want my students, actually all that play golf, to be their best and have fun – but to do this your equipment must fit you!

Helpful Hints

  • Fitting vs. purchasing on an internet source with a box retailer/private seller. With fitting you know/trust the fitter and he/she is accountable to you. Purchasing on an internet source you may not be getting the product you think you are. In the end you are not getting equipment that fits you; you adjust to your equipment.
  • Price.  At box retail or on the internet, many feel that they get the “best price” but are they? Wouldn’t it be best to contact the Professional and develop a relationship? You may have some negotiating leverage with a Professional you have a relationship with and you can work together at getting you into the proper equipment at a price that fits your budget.
  • Working with a Fitter.  Can the professional fitter guarantee the lie angles? For example, when the clubs are delivered you should be having a follow up evaluation where lie angles are checked for accuracy and if they are not delivered from the factory properly the fitter needs to bend to correct specifications.  Does the professional fitter have a relationship with a primary club company? Many times having a fitter that has a relationship he/she may be able to work with that company or custom club area for the benefit of the customer.
  • What a proper fitting looks like.
  1. Current equipment needs to measured and tested by the student.
  2. Assessment of your current set make up (manufacturer/lie/loft/shaft/sole/top line)
  3. Static measurement (wrist to floor/palm of hand for grip size/shaft weight/swing weight/shaft kick point/lie angle/loft)
  4. Dynamic fitting (turf contact/ball flight/too high/too low/too much spin one way or other)  A lie board may be used or no lie board it all depends on the fitters beliefs and experiences.

The Golf Business, like any, is built on repeat business and referrals. The goal with equipment evaluations and fitting should be to involve the customer, get their feedback and make recommendations based on an assessment.  Clients must feel served and that they are an integral part of the process, with an end result of improved ball flight and consistency.

Am I an expert in fitting? “Sure!” … but the customer needs to invest, they need to be comfortable with the height of the flight and the spin (curve) of the golf ball. There are times where there may be disagreements, but this is a chance to educate the client on how the ball should travel and why.

When considering an equipment change, take your time, do your research, ask questions and perceive this process as an investment.




Article written by Hank Haney Certified PGA Instructor Brian Jacobs


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Hit The Ball Straight – Guaranteed

Posted by Golf Local On July - 21 - 2011

Polara Ultimate StraightI recently learned about a new golf ball called the Polara Ultimate Straight. This ball was engineered to help correct a slice or hook. The manufacturer states that their ball remedies up to 75% of hooks and slices. So I contacted the company and asked them for some balls so I could do some of my own tests.

As a player who has battled the slice for many years, I had my doubts. I have tried every gimmick around to help hit the ball straighter – nothing has worked completely … until now!

The Polara golf balls claim to fly straight because of the three different dimple depths and patterns:

  • Shallow Dimples: helps lower lift and establish optimal spin axis
  • Small Dimples: helps inhibit slice and hook-causing side spin
  • Deep Dimples: helps reduce drag and enhance weight distribution

When the ball is placed on the tee with the side stamp arrow on top and pointed at the target, the ball is in its principle spin axis orientation for a straight shot. The Polara Ultimate Straight balls generate about 20% less drag and 50% less lift when they rotate about their principle spin axis. It is the 50% less lift that is responsible for 50% of the slice correction.

So Did The Polara Balls Fly Straighter Than A Normal Golf Ball?
In order to get a accurate evaluation I played two balls over 18 holes – the Polara Ultimate Straight ball and a Nike PD Long ball. Off the tee the Polara ball was much straighter and found the fairways more frequently than the Nike PD Long. What the ball lacked in distance, it made up for in accuracy. I was consistently 5 – 10 yards shorter on the tee. To make up the distance of the tee the manufacture recommends 13 degree or higher loft club. The higher loft gives the ball a higher launch angle, which complements the Polara’s low lift/low trajectory.

When using my irons I experienced the same accurate results – hitting the ball straighter and even longer than the Nike PD Long. I found that the Polara ball was one to two clubs lengths longer off the irons than a normal ball. Once I figured this out, I hit more greens than ever before.

I was not as impressed with the Polara ball on the green. I found it hard to get a good feel putting compared to the Nike PD Long. This could be because I am very particular with the type of ball I putt with, so you may have to form your own opinion on this.

The Polara Ultimate Straight Ball is perfect for one group of golfers – those who want to enjoy the game more and hit more shots from the short stuff.  Please be aware that this ball is not recognized by the USGA as a legal ball in tournament play.

Want to win a sleeve of the Polara Ultimate Balls?  Enter Below For Your Chance.

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The Most Expensive Golf Ball – Nike 20XI

Posted by Golf Local On April - 28 - 2011

Nike 20XI-X/SThe Nike 20XI could just be the most expensive ball on the market. Launching tomorrow April 29, 2011, this brand new golf ball will bring some of the most innovative materials on the market.

This new golf ball by Nike will set you back around $55-$60 per dozen or $5 per ball. That is the most expensive golf ball out there beating out the popular Titleist Pro V1 $45/dz and the great Srixon Z Star $49/dz.

This ball has some very new core technology that promises more distance off the tee and better control around the greens.

Here is what Nike lists out as the new characteristics

Nike 20XI X

Revolutionary Distance – Faster initial velocity for maximum distance

Revolutionary Core – Lighter RZN core yields highest levels of M.O.I. for longer, more controlled shots

Revolutionary Construction – New materials allow more precise manufacturing processes for more consistency, ball to ball

This new ball promises a lot to the avid golfer. We will keep you up-to-date on how we like it and if it is truly worth the $60 investment.

> Find more information on

> You can now purchase the Nike 20XI-X 1-Dozen Golf Balls for under $30 a dozen

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Adams Golf Idea Tech V3 Hybrid Irons

Posted by Golf Local On April - 16 - 2011

The leader in hybrid iron set design, Adams Golf introduces the new Idea Tech V3 Hybrid Irons that puts the latest technology and newest materials in the hands of all golfers.  Idea Tech V3 are easy-to-hit, and provide a high performance which tells us why these hybrid irons have led the industry for so many years.  With the dramatic nickel chromium (NiCr) plated and physical vapor deposition (PVD) black finishes, these golf clubs are in a category all their own.

Idea Tech V3 irons are the easiest to hit set that’s ever been created by Adams Golf.   The hotter face and the higher launch results in more distance for golfers of any skill level.  The improved sole design on the hybrids help you cut through the turf easier for better playability from all types of lies.  By using a four-piece badge system that uses viscoelastic vibration dampening material, the feel at the point of contact is exceptional.

Adams offers these clubs in both steel and graphite shafts.  The MSRP is $799.99 and $899.99 respectatively.  To learn more about the Adams Golf Idea Tech V3 Hybrids Iron you can visit Play Better Golf and get fitted
for your set today.

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Nike Golf VR Pro Combo Irons

Posted by Golf Local On March - 10 - 2011

The new VR Pro Combo irons are a premium Tour-level iron set that has all the requirements that Tour athletes demand.

Traditional Look
The VR Pro Combo irons maintain a traditional look with a high degree of workability as they change from cavity, to split-cavity and finally blades. The cavity design offers higher trajectory on longer irons, the split cavity enhances control and workability, and the blades deliver unsurpassed short-game feel.

Center of Gravity Mapping
Through new linear Center of Gravity (CG) Mapping, the CG moves gradually and consistently throughout each club in the set for optimal launch and consistent distance control.

Shot Making Ability
The VR Pro Combo irons are crafted with consistency that Tour-level athletes demand with a new forging process for more precise shot-making.  These irons are precision forged out of 1025 Forged Carbon Steel to a near-finished level eliminating most hand work and ensuring consistency throughout the set. A new three-step groove process creates Nike’s most exact iron faces ever.  The new X3X high-frequency grooves provide better performance and more consistent distance control. More grooves, closer together and deeper on the face help to ensure maximum flight control and shot-to-shot consistency.

3-PW Dynamic Gold Steel X,S,R;  RH/LH  MSRP:  $1079.99

Custom Fitting
Available at Play Better Golf with Nike’s new 360 interchangeable fitting system. Call 271-0332 and get fit today!

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